10 years extreme lithography – let's face the next decade!

For ten years now, xlith offers an industry-first direct wafer electron beam writing service relying on an excellent e-beam tool set.
Our activity is based on more than 25 years of experience in this field.
We will never stop to push technology further.


Application Overview – We are inside your favourite devices

Xlith offers a wide range of direct e-beam applications, having the experience and appropriate production facilities for your most demanding specifications.


The main advantages of direct
e-beam writing @ xlith:

  • High Resolution
  • Pattern Fidelity
  • Overlay to existing technology levels
  • Fast Prototyping without need for mask production

What we consider extreme!

For our 10 year anniversary we are performing the following public experiment:

We are going to demonstrate in reality the incredible proportion of a 10 nm narrow line on a 6-inch wafer.

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