Advanced microelectronics, photonics, nanotechnology – they all rely on high resolution electron beam lithography as the primary source for ultra-fine lateral patterns, generated directly on a functional substrate.

Electron beam lithography is a computer controlled sequential writing process. It transfers designs from CAD layout description to physical object. It uniquely combines ultra-high resolution, overlay performance and direct, computer driven pattern generation.

xlith offers an industry-first direct write electron beam lithography service with more than 30 years experience in this area.

To achieve outstanding results we combine

  • state-of-the-art electron beam equipment, additionally fine-tuned for optimum performance
  • thorough theoretical understanding
  • in-house developed simulation, correction and transcription tools
  • proprietary process technologies

Electron beam lithography is our focus and our passion. We have a thorough understanding of the underlying physics, the required instrumentation and the associated process technology. In short:

we know how to write nanometer®