Photonics & Optoelectronics

Photonics and optoelectronics involve the manufacture of devices that convert electrical signals into photons and vice versa. Fast progress has been made over the last years especially in the monolithic integration of active and passive photonic components.

Fully functional large-scale photonic integrated circuits (PICs) have been demonstrated and are being used in high bandwidth DWDM fiberoptic communication systems.

Key elements in photonic designs are closely coupled waveguides, wavelength filters, Bragg gratings and diffractive patterns. Their spectral and spatial performance strongly depends on the precision, reproducibility and accuracy of pattern definition.

xlith serves customers in the photonics industry worldwide for applications and components like:

  • fiber optic communication systems
  • photonic integrated circuits produced in InP, silica-on-silicon, SOI
  • Bragg gratings, wavelength selective filters, mode converters
  • add/drop multiplexers, Mach-Zehnder interferometers
  • DFB laser gratings with excellent spectral quality
  • synchronized DFB laser grating sets with ultra-high  spectral accuracy for DWDM applications 
  • photonic crystals and ring resonators
  • photonic band gap designs and waveguides
  • diffractive patterns and wavelength selective mirrors 
  • synthetic holograms

Using proprietary hardware modifications and software modules, we can cope with the most demanding customer specifications.